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Fera Media is a full service digital signage 

No Paper Waste

Because digital signage doesn't require the use of paper for printing, there is no need to dispose of old messaging when it becomes outdated. This is an important plus for increasingly green-aware customers.

Attention-Grabbing Displays

Digital sign technology allows you to create flashy, eye-catching displays tailored to your unique audience. Even the most well designed paper displays are still static, making them all too easy for customers to ignore. Digital signs are dynamic, allowing for scrolling images, video and even audio.

Cost Effectiveness

In retail digital signage environments, for example, being able to change message content digitally means not having to continually print signage in order to provide viewers with updated material, which makes the process more convenient and less time-consuming. Aside from convenience, another important benefit of the dynamic content control enabled through digital signage is that it eliminates the expense of having to print and post content as it becomes available.

1. Audience engagement

2. Better Brand Awareness

3. Cloud-Sourced Content

Significant Benefits of using Digital Signage for Your Business

Found mostly in fast food outlets, hotels, airports retail outlets, digital signage refers to a type of electronic display that is used to advertise and create awareness of a new business or products among the potential buyers. Displayed through LED and LCD screens, the digital signage offers more content control to the users. The content on these digital displays are uploaded and controlled by different software.

Audience Engagement

Better Brand Awareness

Impulse Purchases

Contemporary society has become accustomed to forms of media other than printed material, such as the Internet or television. Because it is a much more dynamic, multimedia-based communications channel, digital signage is very effective in harnessing an audience's comfort level with multimedia, which helps to create a more engaging experience.

In any environment, being able to command attention to content is valuable; most marketing experts will agree that one of the main goals of signage is to create something that jumps off the page in order to get an audience's attention. Digital signage enables companies to do just that.

In retail stores, quality displays often boost sales in every department – even when they're not targeted to a specific product or buyer. Digital signs can display a far greater variety of content than paper, allowing you to convey a strong, consistent brand message to shoppers. They're also great for cross merchandising and teaching your customers about all of the different products and solutions you provide.


Increased sales volume is the most important metric for any type of signage, and digital could help you to deliver! Instantly updated displays are perfect for enticing people to make impulse purchases. Instead of waiting for your customers to happen upon a particular item, you can effectively merchandise and cross-merchandise throughout your store.

In today's digital environment, customers are far more likely to respond to eye-catching, interactive displays than old-fashioned posters and brochures.